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This is possible only if they have the Gospel preached to them. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?

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And how shall they hear without a preacher? We may sum up the logic of this very simply. Therefore God desires the Gospel to be preached to all men.

What kind of government makes it easier to preach the Gospel? Good government or bad government? To obtain an answer to this question, we may briefly contrast the effects of good and bad government, in so far as they relate to the preaching of the Gospel. On the one hand, good government maintains law and order, it keeps communications open, it preserves civil liberty, it protects freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Good government, without becoming involved in religious controversy, provides a climate in which the Gospel can be preached effectively.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

On the other hand, bad government allows the breakdown of law and order, permits unsafe travel conditions and poor communications, and imposes unjust and arbitrary restrictions. In all these ways, although in varying degrees, bad government hinders the effective preaching of the truth. At its worst, bad government either restricts or totally suppresses the universal right of all men to believe in God and to express their faith by public worship and proclamation.

In one degree or another, we see these conditions in countries today. Our conclusion therefore is that good government facilitates the preaching of the gospel, while bad government hinders it. For this reason, good government is the will of God. Read full article at Herald of His Coming web page— Praying for our government. But you are a criminal! Every time you accept money from your family abroad, you commit a crime by accepting smuggled money; for the government has outlawed foreign currency exchange.

If you decide Eritrean law is not for you and decide to leave the country, you are a criminal trying to abscond your national duty of indefinite conscription. When your loved-one was imprisoned for attending prayer meeting and you begged your Lt. Colonel uncle to help free her.

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You are a disgusting criminal employing corruption to break the nations laws. Once out of Eritrea you routinely bribe Sudanese or Kenyan officials to get papers and avoid being deported back.

Unashamed to carry-on your criminal activities in foreign nations. Eventually you seek asylum abroad due to political and religious persecution, but this is perjury and treason according to Eritrean government. A crime! Many Christians especially Evangelical Christians are confused as to how to participate in Eritrean affairs. Many are not sure if they can reconcile dissidence with their faith. Not in the current Eritrea anyway.

No other institutions or organizations can claim as much influence on our language, customs and laws than our religious institutions. Almost every major node of the Eritrean life is influenced and marked by our religious belief; from birth to death and anything in between. Marriage, family, divorce, loss of a loved one, all are shaped by religious convictions and involvement of religious leaders and followers. The role of our religious institutions also extend to issues of global interest such the as spread of diseases, drought, famine, human rights issues, war and issues of environmental degradations to mention a few.

Regardless of many challenges throughout time, our religious institutions continue to render their services. They continue to be the source of inspiration, wisdom, hope and comfort to many. Almost half a century of Marxist style oppression has left religious institutions in Eritrean voiceless on a lot of issues that face our society today.

I am particularly concerned with those smaller evangelical denominations. In my opinion these being the most persecuted by the government are yet the most silent in this regard. There are of course situations where the silence of churches is understandable.

See a Problem?

The church may refrain from opinions simply because it is not well informed of the facts. It would be reckless of a church to base its understanding on information gathered from the news or social media. Other times the church may not respond simply because the issues are too trivial or irrelevant to its doctrines. But there are plenty of other issues that are neither trivial nor irrelevant for the church to keep silent.

Would you feel comfortable with a church deciding to keep its voice down in the midst of a genocide because the Rwandan authorities find it bad to their reputation? Would you find it appropriate of a Church to keep silent during the holocaust so as not to offend the Nazis? Do you think it is OK then for Eritrean churches to keep silent in the midst of arbitrary arrest, torture and murder of ordinary citizens. These calls should be directed at the citizens, and equally at the leaders of the country. How our country is administered should not only be left to non-believers.


The lack of sincere opinions on the part of Eritrean churches regarding the current government has left many practising Christians confused as to how to participate in Eritrean affairs. Many are not sure if they can reconcile activism with their faith. I am referring to activities that would directly affect themselves or their immediate families and friends only. Not in the current Eritrea.

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I am not saying that Eritrean congregations lack sympathy to the suffering our people. I am just saying that many are unacceptably quiet about it. My concern is that many Christians are comfortable to restrict their activity only the spiritual side. But just as praying for the sick does not mean one forfeits the responsibility to actually help the sick, by the same measure, praying for Eritrea does not mean one forfeits the responsibility to actually take part in bringing about the change they are praying for.

Prayer is never a reason for inaction. But surely, works and prayer are NOT mutually exclusive.

'Charles saw himself as a dissident' | News | Al Jazeera

In fact both cannot be separated. So, in sum, these three things mattered most: English skills, schooling and residence. Being integrated and making the aforementioned adjustments took a lot of effort and drained even the European immigrant both emotionally and sometimes even physically. And when finally we put it all together, began to line up our dominoes and kept knocking on the doors of success, radical liberalism took hold and often pulled the rug from under us.

Easy divorce, feminism, racial quotas and political correctness all contribute to the de-stabilization process. Hierarchy, traditionalism and accountability are values that are despised by liberals. They want to destroy hierarchy and create their own version of hierarchy, of course. It is called PC society. PC is the modern bible. If you deter from it, you will be excluded, ex-communicated, discriminated against, censored, ostrasized and denied.

So, one way to beat the system is to pretend.